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Recovery after a hair transplant

We know that we all want quick recovery. Most clinics claim to focus on a fast recovery. However, Maxwell is one of the only clinic that works on special treatments for each patient that has undergone hair transplantation. After getting a hair transplant at Maxwell, patients can quickly go back to their daily lives. Maxwell Hair Clinic puts recovery as one of our top priorities. You can go back to your daily routine right after hair transplant and typically can go back to work after 2-3 days. A lot of clinics claim they are an expert in the industry but Maxwell is one of few clinics that invest heavily on recovery treatment research. So that patients can recover as soon as possible with minimum pain to the scalp. With proven results, you can rely on this in Maxwell. 

Here is general recovery process after hair transplant.

Right after the surgery

Keep in mind that directly after surgery, the grafts will be extremely sensitive. It takes roughly five days for the follicles to attach to a blood vessel under the skin which supplies them with food, oxygen, and energy. Maxwell can accelerate the recovery process with Maxwell’s recovery treatment. Maxwell has been doing extensive research on treatmentsright after the recovery process so patients can go back to their daily routine as soon as possible.

2 days – 1 week after hair transplant

With the transplanted hair follicles placed in position, you can now see the new hairline. At this point, the scalp needs time to heal. You will see scabbing in two locations on the scalpwhich are on the donor site (where the hair follicles were harvested), and on the placement site. These scabs are small, so they heal quickly. You might experience local swelling which usually goes away in a few days. 

1 month after hair transplant

About a month after the transplant surgery, you will see that the transplanted hairs are starting to fall out. This process is normal. When hair follicles are moved, hair growth pauses for a short time while the follicle adjusts to the new location. It is a natural part of the growth cycle to have old hair falling out. With time, you will see that new hairs will regrow at the graft site. It takes time for the new hairline to look full and normal.

6 months after hair transplant

At the 6-month point, the hairs will be growing steady and you will see the density filling in. The hair quality will be improved and you will see that hair growth is steady. You’ll notice steady hair growth at this point looking natural.

1 year mark after hair transplant

Full hair density is achieved about a year after the hair transplant procedure. Now, the hair growth is more prominent and should look very natural.

What makes Maxwell Hair Transplant different from other clinics?

Maxwell offers special follow-up treatment that helps alleviate swelling and stabilize pain as soon as possible. With clean, comfortable atmosphere, Maxwell is also one of the few clinics where the guardian can come in during the surgery and watch the whole process. Surgeons and the staff have been working for over 10 years so they not only are experienced but also have greatest teamwork. We look forward to providing you with an unforgettable experience along with a fast recovery time. Patients who received our special treatment were able to see drastic changes in recovery time and the maintenance of hair follicles.

“Proper hair transplantation” – Maxwell wants to be remembered as a reliable and trustworthy clinic for a long time. Therefore, Maxwell allows guardians or caretakers to be present during the surgery under strict rules. We want our patients and caretakers to trust our medical staff completely for optimal results.

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