Appearance is important everywhere these days. And it’s becoming more and more an important matter in Asia especially in Seoul. Because of this, Seoul has made significant advancement in treating hair loss and Maxwell Hair Clinic is on top of its industry, with more than 17 years experience, more than 100,000 cases.

    Hair loss can be caused by a variety of conditions. And there are numerous diseases that can affect the hair and scalp. Such as alopecia areata, anemia, male/female pattern baldness, and infections of the scalp can all cause hair loss. Also iron deficiency, cancer treatment and stress can cause hair loss as well. Maxwell Hair Clinic has established a special clinic focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of these disorders of the hair.

    Maxwell Hair Clinic offers the customized treatment to maximize the natural look of every patient. We have three branches which are located in Gangnam(Seoul), Jongro(Seoul) and Busan. The main branch is in Gangnam where the founder Dr. Noh Yoon-woo works in. He has relentlessly researched on hair transplantation to achieve the most natural look in the most effective way. He not only focuses on the number of hair but also the thickness which can maximize volume. The three clinics have been consistently devoting themselves to improve technical knowledge to deliver the best services and results.

    We are one of the best in treating hair loss since we have collected numerous data from patients from all over the world. So that we’ve been awarded 4 years consecutively from 2016 to 2019 in customer satisfaction rate from Medical Health Care. We never stop think about what’s best for each patient. 

    Since Maxwell Hair Clinic is internationally well-known, patients come from all over the world. We have treated patients from all different countries and ethnicities mainly fromUSA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, France, Mexico, UAE, Saudi Arabia and South Africa.

    Over 17 years of experience and know-how includes working with all types of ethnicities and scalp types. During the consultation, the doctors at Maxwell Hair Clinic will evaluate your specific hair and make sure that the transplant is customized to suit your specific needs. 

    Maxwell Hair Clinic has fluent bilingual doctors who can communicate with patients directly. We also have professional international team that helping non-Korean speaking patients with initial online consultations, scheduling of appointments, assistance during and after the treatment.

    Typical duration of treatment

    • 1 In person visit with prescribed medication every 1-2 weeks
    • Total treatment is between 15-20 visits
    • Treatments offered at Maxwell Hair Clinic
    • Follicular Unit Extraction
    • Follicular Unit Transplantation
    • Hair Loss Treatment
    • Revision Surgery
    • Scar Revision
    • Hairline Correction

    Lastly, we also offer services like airport pick up and drop off, accommodation arrangements and visa application services to meet the needs even outside of clinic. We understand your frustration when visiting a foreign country clinic. If you visit Korea for hair transplant, we will pick you up from the hotel on the day of your treatment and even drop you off at your convenient location.