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International Services

Where patients come from

Patients from all over the world come to Korea to do procedures at Maxwell hair clinic. We have assisted patients from all different countries and ethnicities. USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, France, Mexico, UAE, Saudi Arabia and South Africa.

Our doctors are highly skilled with many decades of experience working on all types of ethnicities and scalp types. During the consultation the doctor will evaluate your specific hair and make sure that the transplant is customized to suit your specific needs. 

At Maxwell we offer comprehensive international patient services. We have fully bilingual doctors who communicate with our patients directly. We also have international translators/consultants that work with the clinic to help our patients with: initial online consultations, scheduling of appointments and after care assistance.

Additional End-to-end Services

Airport transfers

Accommodation arrangements

Visa application assistance

Potential International Traveler Timeline

  1. Discovery of Maxwell clinic and consultation enquiry.
  2. We take your information and consult with the doctor and then give you the results of the preliminary consultation.
  3. You pay a deposit to secure your procedure.
  4. We assist you with accommodation arrangements and visa requirements
  5. You arrive in Korea and we pick you up at the airport.
  6. On the same day or day after you will do your final in person consultation and we confirm the procedure.
  7. Procedure day: we pick you up and take you to the clinic. The process will take between 4-9 hours depending on how many grafts you will receive and which surgery method you have chosen.
  8. After the procedure you are taken back to your accommodation.
  9. The following day you will have a check up done.
  10. After the check up you are free to enjoy your time in Korea and on departure day we will transfer you to the airport.