Scarring for FUE and  FUT is very different. It is important to know that there is no such thing as completely scarless hair transplant surgery.

FUE – With FUE there will be a series of very small 1-2mm sized hole scars. These scars are only visible when the hair is completely shaved, and even then it is barely visible.

FUT – With FUT there is a linear scar that runs along the back of the scalp. This scar is visible when the hair is shaved or very short. But with as little as 4mm growth the scar will not be visible.

Transplanted hair will last you a lifetime.

It is generally not necessary to get another procedure done. In some cases another procedure might be necessary:

  • If you need a very large number of grafts to be implanted
  • If the previous surgeon did not do a good job and you need a revision surgery

How many grafts you will need is completely up to the doctor. Patients can discuss what they want the final result to look like with the doctor. It is important the doctor and patients expectations match up.

It is difficult to predict exactly what your results will look like but the doctor can give you an rough idea by showing you what the expected outcome will look like during the design phase.

Hair transplantation is a timely process and lots of patience is required. For a very few people you might start seeing results after as little as six months but in most cases you are expected to wait around 1 year for your new hair to be fully grown in.


If you are traveling to Korea for your hair transplant, we recommend a minimum of 1 week in Korea. This is because you will need to do a  follow up. The doctor will make sure you are healing well and that the transplant looks good.

Yes, we collaborate with Shin Medical, Korea’s premier concierge service, to assist our patients with their accommodation and transportation needs. However, it’s essential for patients to inform us in advance if they wish to utilize these services. Please note that there will be an additional fee for these arrangements.

At Maxwell we have multiple English speaking doctors and in addition to that you will always have an English speaking consultant by your side to help with any language issues.


The best procedure for you will be determined after consultation with the doctor is complete. Your doctor will first take a look at your hair to determine what the state of your hair loss progression is. Your doctor might determine that you need hair loss treatment, a hair transplant or perhaps that you might need to start using medication.


FUE transplant takes a bit longer than the FUT because each follicle is extracted one-by-one. FUE takes around 6-9 hours depending on the amount of grafts necessary. 

FUT transplant takes a little less time due to the entire strip being harvested at once.

FUT takes around 4-7 hours depending on the amount of grafts necessary.

When doing a hair transplant the doctor uses hair harvested from the back of your scalp. When doing any hair transplant the doctor will only use your hair.

Maxwell only uses an implanter to transplant the follicles.

During your procedure you will be awake. So you will be able to talk to the doctor, get up and drink water, stretch your legs or go to the bathroom.

Everybody has different pain tolerance levels so the amount of discomfort you feel will largely depend on how well you deal with pain. Some people report FUE to be completely pain free and some people only report minor pain. Likewise most people report FUT to be only uncomfortable due to the tightness of the suture.

After Care

Immediately after the procedure the doctor will prescribe some antibiotics, anti inflammatory and pain medicine. This is to be taken for around 3 days after the procedure, or as necessary. If you do not yet use finasteride or propecia, the doctor will prescribe some for you and you will need to start taking it soon after your procedure.

In order to ensure maximum survival of the transplanted hair it is important to take it easy after the surgery. It is best to avoid exercise for a week after surgery. After a week you are free to engage in light exercise that does not cause excess perspiration. After 2 weeks you can start exercising again, The important thing to remember is to avoid any activity that can cause trauma to the hair.


Yes you can pay with your credit card but we advise that you inform your credit card company in advance. Sometimes transactions will not go through due to your bank suspecting suspicious activity.

No, unfortunately Apple Pay does not currently work in Korea.