What is a revision hair transplant?

A revision transplant surgery is used to rectify unsatisfactory results from a previous surgery, or perhaps to redo a substandard transplantation that was done long ago and the results have now completely regressed.

Reasons for revision hair transplantation

There are many reasons why a person would want to or need to get a revision hair transplant surgery. 

  1. The initial surgery was poorly performed due to lack of skill or experience
  2. The methods used to to the hair transplantation was outdated
  3. Patients might be happy with the first surgery but would like to increase density
  4. Results of the initial surgery were unnatural


The method used at Maxwell for revision surgery is called the ‘punch and place’ method. This technique involves using an FUE punch to extract previously placed grafts and then replacing them with new grafts harvested from the donor area. Due to the small size of the residual holes, the doctor can remove a large amount of grafts without any noticeable scarring. Usually healing of the grafted hair is quite rapid.