Hair Line Correction

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Maxwell Hair Clinic prides itself as a top-tier facility in the country, performing approximately 900 to 1000 surgeries each year, with a distinct focus on hairline correction and hair transplantation. Regarded highly both nationally and internationally.

Maxwell Hair Clinic stands as the preferred destination for medical practitioners, healthcare journalists, celebrities, and individuals seeking expert guidance on hairline correction and hair transplantation.

We hold a distinguished reputation among experts and is staffed by medical professionals who have been acclaimed as “Top Hair Transplant Specialists” and pioneers in the field by numerous media platforms.

The Most Natural Hairline Correction

The key to a natural hairline correction result lies in DENSITY and DESIGN. At Maxwell, our design process consists of two meticulous steps. We begin by using specialized laser equipment to carefully craft the initial design. Then, we fine-tune the design by hand to find the most suitable line for each individual patient. Subsequently, drawing from extensive experience and know-how, we execute a high-density transplantation that ultimately creates a hairline that looks completely natural.

Step 1: Using special laser devices, we design the initial hairlines in detail.

Step 2: Then our doctor finds the best line for each patient by manually designing for the second stage.

Step 3: The doctor then creates a natural hairline by performing a dense gradient transplant.

How It Works

1. 2-Step Design

Most Ideal Hairline Design by Experts

Our doctors will design the most ideal and natural hairline for each individual patients.

Two-stage designing process for the most ideal hairline. By using a special laser, we can find the most suitable hairline for each patient’s facial shape and size, designing symmetrical hairlines. On top of that, the second round of medical staff will manually complete the ideal design considering the characteristics and tastes of each patient.

2. Harvest Without Scars

Harvest Hairs with Invisible Suture

Our doctors will harvest hairs from donor area with discreet incision, and invisible scars.

To harvest the donor follicles for transplantation, a discreet incision and closure are made at the back of the head. During this process, a fine, thin scar line can remain, which is less than ideal if it’s too noticeable. However, our doctors at Maxwell will perform the procedure using techniques refined through extensive experience and research, ensuring that scars are nearly imperceptible.

3. Gradient Transplant

Just as natural as your own hair

We perform a gradient transplant at Maxwell to achieve a hairline as natural as your own hairline

The natural hairline slowly thickens as it goes backward, so we go through the process called gradient transplantation. It is possible by selecting hair follicles of different sizes before transplanting them. This process requires experience and know-how because it is a sophisticated procedure.

4. Optimize Survival Rate

Transplanted Hair must thrive fully

The best result is the only thing we care. We do growth factor treatment and magnetic therapy for transplanted hair to maximize survival rate.

Growth Factor & Magnetic Field Therapy to help implanted hair to grow out fully. Through our research, we found the best way for carefully implanted hair to grow fully and quickly. So stem cell techniques are applied to treat the surface of the transplant site, and special magnetic field treatment is performed on the scalp of each patient.

5. Back to Your Daily Life

Change Your Life in 1 Day

We ensure minimal disruption to your daily life, you can go back to all regular activities in the same day!

We perform various treatments before and after hair transplantation so that you can return to your daily routine as soon as possible. Through this process, you can return to your daily life for the same day without any problems.

Hair Line Correction at Maxwell

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Hairline Correction Design

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10 Days After Hairline Correction

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