At Maxwell, the goal of hairline correction is to create the most natural hairlines for our patients.

The key to natural hair is the density of hair and the design of the hairline.

Hairline Correction Overview

Maxwell’s hairline correction consists of:

  1. Two stage design process; and
  2. Dense hair implantation surgery

Design Process

Using special laser devices, we design the initial hairlines in detail.

Then the doctor finds the best line for each patient by manually designing for the second stage.

Hair Implantation

The doctor then creates a natural hairline by performing a dense gradient transplant.

Detailed Process


Two-stage designing process for the most ideal hairline. By using a special laser, we can find the most suitable hairline for each patient’s facial shape and size, designing symmetrical hairlines. On top of that, the second round of medical staff will manually complete the ideal design considering the characteristics and tastes of each patient.

Back of Head Hair Collection

Invisible suture to keep the wound out of sight.

Before transplantation, the back of the head is incised-sutured to collect biceps. During this process, a thin solid line of a wound may be left on the back of the scalp, which may seem unattractive.

However, Maxwell’s medical staff, with a lot of experience and research, may treat it efficiently in a way that leaves little visible wounds


Gradient transplantation to make it just as natural as my hair

The natural hairline slowly thickens as it goes backward, so we go through the process called gradient transplantation. It is possible by selecting hair follicles of different sizes before transplanting them. This process requires experience and know-how because it is a sophisticated procedure.

Implantation through Biological Adhesion

Stem Cells & Magnetic Field Therapy to help implanted hair to grow out fully

Through our research, we found the best way for carefully implanted hair to grow fully and quickly. So stem cell techniques are applied to treat the surface of the transplant site, and special magnetic field treatment is performed on the scalp of each patient.

Quick Recovery Time

Return to daily life within three days so that it doesn’t interfere with the patient’s daily life.

We perform various treatments before and after hair transplantation so that you can return to your daily routine as soon as possible. Through this process, you can return to your daily life for an average of three days without any problems.

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