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Hair Loss Treatment at Maxwell

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With 10 sessions of Hair Loss Treatment, you will see the difference, with 15 sessions, anyone can see the difference.

Hair loss treatment

What causes hair loss?

What is hair loss and hair loss treatment? Is there a specific substance in our body that triggers hair loss?! Your hair does not simply go through the process of growth and loss on its own. In reality, it is constantly affected by various signal transmitters that help assist the growth or cause regression of cells within our bodies.

Signal transmitter imbalance

Hair growth and loss are influenced by signal transmitters in the body. For instance, WNT, which promotes hair growth, is secreted somewhere between telogen (resting stage) and anagen(growth stage). On the other hand, BMP (bone morphogenic protein), which causes hair loss, is secreted between catagen(regression stage) and telogen.

signal transmitter imbalance cause hair loss

  • WNT: stimulates hair growth
  • BMP: causes hair loss

In addition, various other signal transmitters interact with each other to control hair growth and hair regression; however, hair loss may occur if the interaction between these transmitters is out of balance.

Process of Hair Loss Treatment

  1. Deliver the signal transmitters that direct growth.
  2. Supply special medication and nutrients to thicken the hair.
  3. Inject stem cells to increase the number of hair follicles.
  4. Promote hair follicle regeneration through physical stimulation such as lasers

hair loss treatment

As the hair loss progresses, you will lose hair density and thickness.

The density starts to improve, the hairs will still be thin.

With the numbers of hair follicles are growing, the hairs will also get thicker.

Proven Strategy at Maxwell in Korea

Hair Loss Treatment Strategy at Maxwell

1. Accurate Diagnosis

Why Hair Loss Treatment Work Differently for Everyone


The most important thing is the accurate diagnosis. Maxwell provides customised treatment plans based on accurate diagnosis. Even if the symptoms appear similar, the cause and progression differ, so the response to treatment can naturally vary from person to person. If there is no accurate diagnosis, there is no effective treatment plan.

2. We Treat Both Density and Thickness

Hair Density vs Hair Thickness

hair thickness and hair density

The thickness of hair is more important than the number of hair when it comes to hair transplants. Therefore, 70 thick hair follicles make your overall hair look fuller and richer, than 100 thin hair follicles. But, 130 thick hair follicles can give off a richer and fuller image compared to 100 thin hair follicles.

And so, at Maxwell we use stem cells  with various nutrients, that are injected into the scalp in order to: multiply hair follicles and help strengthen existing hair follicles.

Thickness is one of the factors that needs to be dealt with when it comes to hair loss treatment.. We stimulate hair follicle cells just like you would when building muscles. We restore fullness by injecting appropriate drugs and nutrients directly into hair follicle cells.

We solve hair thickness and hair density together. With over 17 years of experience,  Maxwell has accumulated a treatment database that goes beyond 500,000 cases. Thanks to the abundant amount of knowledge, Maxwell’s medical staff are clearly well-versed when it comes to finding the most effective hair loss treatments.

3. 3-dimensional Approach to Hair Loss Treatment

Effective Hair Loss Treatment

hair loss treatment laser

Hair loss can be treated in three ways. Each of these treatments is effective on its own, but a more powerful effect can be achieved by combining them precisely.

  1. Chemical treatment: Among various skin structures, hair follicles have the highest density of nerve fibers, meaning they are greatly affected by growth factors. By directly injecting growth factors such as IGF-1, HGF, VEGF, and BFGF into hair follicles, we can revive hair follicles, improve hair production.
  2. Nutritional treatment like mesotherapy or MTS.
  3. Physical treatment: At Maxwell, we use various stimulations like laser, ultrasound, magnetic field, electrical stimulation enhance the hair follicles to stimulate hair growth. 
4. We Do Not Treat Scalp Only

Does Scalp Care Help Hair Growth?

hair follicle

Hair production is facilitated by injecting nutrients and regenerative substances like cysteine and methionine into hair follicles. Scalp treatment does not help hair growth, since hair follicle cells are located deep in the skin, scalp condition does not affect hair loss.

5. Pay Less for More

Effective and Affordable Treatment

hair loss treatment cost

Expensive doesn’t mean it’s good. There are many methods for treating hair loss. If you find the right treatment for you. It is possible to have an effective treatment at a low cost.

*Hair Loss Treatment at Maxwell is about $400 a month

*Treatment plan is all individual customized plan, so price may vary slightly.

What will be the treatment like?

Hair Loss Treatment Process

Consultation - Customized Treatment Plan - Start Treatment

At Maxwell, our team of experienced doctors will provide you with a personalized consultation to assess your hair loss progression and give an accurate diagnosis. Based on this assessment, our doctors will create a customized treatment plan tailored specifically to your needs. Each plan is unique and may vary by patient.

What do we inject?

Since our treatment plans are personalized to each patient’s needs, the injections used during the treatment may vary depending on the individual’s consultation and plan.

  • IGF-1(Insulin-like growth factor-1)
  • HGF(Hepatocyte growth factor)
  • VEGF(Vascular endothelial growth factor)
  • BFGF(Basic fibroblasts growth factor)
  • Wnt
  • Noggin
  • Shh(Sonic hedgehog)

One cycle of treatment may consist of 10-18 sessions, each lasting approximately 40 minutes, with an ideal gap of 1-2 weeks between sessions. And finally,  we provide a follow-up consultation with the doctor after the completion of your treatment.

1 Cycle of Treatment: 10-18 Sessions, Each Session Involves 4 Steps below:

Step 1

Injections of signal transmitters to induce hair follicle regeneration

Step 2

Drug and stem cell therapy for internal growth and thickness recovery of hair follicles

Step 3

Ultrasound therapy to strengthen hair follicles

Step 4

Laser therapy to strengthen hair follicles

Weekly Treatments are not possible for me

Can I still have treatment?

For our international patients who are unable to attend our in-clinic weekly treatment for 10-18 weeks, we are proud to offer an innovative solution to aid you on your journey to hair restoration, without compromising the benefits of our local in-clinic expertise.

At-home convenience with in-clinic expertise

At Maxwell Hair Clinic, we offer our groundbreaking at-home treatment serum, crafted using cutting-edge technology that implants stem cells into a dual scaffold and cultivates them in a serum-free culture. This results in a cosmetic solution brimming with growth factors crucial for follicle reinforcement, in their natural protein configurations, to solidify and support your hair follicles from the comfort of your home. The serum ingredient is very similar to what we use in clinic for hair loss treatment.

The serum targets follicle care by supplying nutrients directly to both the follicle and its stem cells, thus enabling your hair to maintain its vitality. Its unique spicule micro-needles facilitate deeper penetration of active ingredients, bolstering hair roots for a robust and healthy hair matrix. With a high-purity stem cell culture fluid, and enhanced by the synergistic effects of biotin, panthenol, pyridoxine HCL, and copper tripeptide-1, the serums promote a healthier scalp and resilient follicles.

Difference between two treatments (home vs clinic)

Even though our at-home serums have similar ingredients than the serums we are using for hair loss treatment, they should be viewed as harmonious extension of the exceptional hair loss treatment Maxwell Hair Clinic offers.  Drawing upon two decades of refined expertise, Maxwell’s know-how on hair loss treatment delivers the most noticeable changes that you might not see the exact results from at-home treatment alone.

For guests visiting Seoul for a limited time, we warmly recommend maximizing in-clinic sessions within your stay. Hair Loss Treatment is not something you can see the result immediately, we recommend minimally receiving 2-3 sessions in clinic to benefit from the full potency of our professional care, and then effortlessly continue your hair loss treatment at home for 3-4 months with our specially formulated Hair Loss Treatment Serums once you fly back to your home country, maintaining the momentum toward achieving your hair density goals.

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