Hair science

What causes hair loss?

Is there a specific substance in our body that triggers hair loss?!

Your hair does not simply go through the process of growth and loss on its own. In reality, it is constantly affected by various signal transmitters that help assist the growth or cause regression of cells within our bodies.

For instance, WNT, which promotes hair growth, is secreted somewhere between telogen (resting stage) and anagen(growth stage). On the other hand, BMP (bone morphogenic protein), which causes hair loss, is secreted between catagen(regression stage) and telogen.

  • WNT: stimulates hair growth
  • BMP: causes hair loss

In addition, various other signal transmitters interact with each other to control hair growth and hair regression; however, hair loss may occur if the interaction between these transmitters is out of balance.

A proven strategy

Maxwell’s principles of hair loss treatment


  • Deliver the signal transmitters that direct growth.
  • Supply special medication and nutrients to thicken the hair.
  • Inject stem cells to increase the number of hair follicles.
  • Promote hair follicle regeneration through physical stimulation such as lasers

Step 1

Injections of signal transmitters to induce hair follicle regeneration

Step 2

Drug and stem cell therapy for internal growth and thickness recovery of hair follicles

Step 3

Ultrasound therapy to strengthen hair follicles

Step 4

Laser therapy to strengthen hair follicles

For stunning results

Maxwell approach to thickness and volume

The thickness of hair is more important than the number of hair when it comes to hair transplants. Therefore, 70 thick hair follicles make your overall hair look fuller and richer, than 100 thin hair follicles. But, 130 thick hair follicles can give off a richer and fuller image compared to 100 thin hair follicles.

And so, at Maxwell we use stem cells  with various nutrients, that are injected into the scalp in order to: multiply hair follicles and help strengthen existing hair follicles.

Thickness is one of the factors that needs to be dealt with when it comes to hair loss treatment.. We stimulate hair follicle cells just like you would when building muscles. We restore fullness by injecting appropriate drugs and nutrients directly into hair follicle cells.

What do we inject?

  • IGF-1(Insulin-like growth factor-1)
  • HGF(Hepatocyte growth factor)
  • VEGF(Vascular endothelial growth factor)
  • BFGF(Basic fibroblasts growth factor)
  • Wnt
  • Noggin
  • Shh(Sonic hedgehog)
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