FUT Hair Transplantation

A hair transplantation procedure is moving hair from the area of the head where the hair grows most thick, to the area where the hair is thinning or balding. When harvesting hairs from the donor area, there are 3 methods including FUT, FUE, and combination of FUT and FUE, each method has their own pros and cons.


FUT is a method whereby an entire strip of hair is removed from the donor area. The doctor does this by making a linear incision along the scalp, and the scalp is sutured closed by the doctor, thus FUT method leaves a linear scar. After that the doctor moves the entire strip to a microscope to be dissected, the large strip is separated by cutting it into smaller pieces. These smaller pieces are then separated into single follicular units or grafts, ready for transplantation. If your surgeon suggests using combination of FUE and FUT method, in the most cases, the reason is being able to harvest more hairs than using single method.

  • Higher Survival Rate
  • Best for Natural Gradient Hairline Transplant
  • Less Expensive
  • Do not have to shave the donor area


After the grafts are extracted from the donor area, the doctor implants them into the recipient area of the scalp. The recipient area is usually around the front, top, crown and sides of the head. The doctor uses a special tool to then implant the hair into the scalp. The doctor takes great care to make sure the hair is inserted in the natural direction of the hair growth.

FUT Characteristics

  • Takes around 4-6 hours
  • Linear scar across the donor area
  • Recovery may take longer due to scar size
  • Sutures need to be removed 
  • More painful than FUE
  • Survivability rate of grafts is over 95%
  • Recommended for longer hairstyles

FUT Options


FUT surgeries do not require the donor area to be shaven, as the doctor does not need to remove the follicles one-by-one, but instead just removes the entire strip. The unshaved method is preferable as the scar remains completely invisible.

Step 1

Examination With the Doctor or Free Online Consultation

Step 2

1:1 Consultation With the Doctor

Step 3

New Hairline Design

Step 4

Administer Anesthesia

Step 5

Hair Harvesting from Donor Site

Step 6

Transplant Procedure

Step 7

Post Surgery Care on Day 2

Step 8

Sutures Removal on Day 10


You may feel pain for the first week. The day after surgery, we will provide post-operative care, including removing the bandage from donor area, disinfection dressing, shampoo service and laser treatment for the maximum viability. We recommend using anti-biotic spray for 3 days.

Most of the cases, international patients can fly back to their home country after sutures removal appointment on day 10, we recommend staying in Korea for 10 days for the best recovery.

You can wash your hair by yourself at home starting on the third day. Please tilt your head back when using shampoo, in order to avoid pulling on the sutured area. Please do not rub the recipient area for 2 weeks. After applying the recommended bubble shampoo, rinse your hair after 2-3 minutes with body-temperature water, with very low water pressure. You can wash your hair normally after 2 weeks.

You will have a sutures removal appointment on Day 10.

70-80% of the transplanted hair will fall out during this period together with some original hairs, but please do not worry as this is normal. After 3 to 5 months, hairs will start to grow normally.

You can experience folliculitis in the surgical area during this period before hairs start to grow. In most cases, applying the antibiotic ointment (Fucidin, Madecassol cream, etc) will resolve the issue.

This is the period patients worry the most because hairs will be going through shock loss, but also the period new hairs start to grow slowly, mostly growing like 1cm per month, so please do not worry, it takes a bit more time before it begins to resemble the result we are hoping for.

After 6 months, hairs start to become comb-able.

Hairs will actively grow on the recipient area, with hair loss treatment, number of hairs and thickness can even be better in this period.

The hair will gain in thickness & length, and may also change in character. It generally takes one year to see the full results of a hair transplant.

It is normal to look like you are losing the hairs up to 3-6 months, or even look worse than before, however, please do not worry, we just need to be patient a little bit longer.

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