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Natural Hairline Transplantation

Hairline transplantation is a commonly performed hair transplantation surgery and is performed to help the forehead seem smaller or to help correct a hairline that is high or has receded due to hair loss.

Female Hairline Transplantation

The exceptional beauty that can last for a long time.

Women’s hairlines, especially bangs must be light and flexible in order to have various hairstyles. As a result, hairline transplantation should take numerous factors into account, including hair density and hairlines.

8 months after receiving hairline transplantation

To get optimal results, both the hair density and proper coordination of forehead hairlines are crucial.

Forehead Hairlines

Beautiful facial shapes require beautiful hairlines.

Attractive facial shapes and charming images require beautiful forehead hairlines. One of the main differences between men and women also includes forehead hairlines.

Before and after hairline transplantation

Most men look better with angular hairlines. Having angular hairlines also helps generate stronger face lines, making your eyes and nose look more prominent.

Before and after hairline transplantation

Female hairlines should appear soft and curvy compare to male hairlines. A softer impression with a three-dimensional effect around the forehead can help generate a more feminine image.

As a result, female hairline transplantation is mostly focused on reshaping the corners of the forehead hairlines curvier and rounder.

The perfect ratio of forehead height to width for each patient’s facial shape

Hair follicles

A detailed representation of hair follicles.

Human hair consists of various kinds of density and thickness. On average, 1 to 4 hairs can grow out of one hair follicle.

A variety of hair density and thickness

The hair on the back of the scalp is usually thicker than the one on the front part of the scalp.

Different types of hair transplantation exist based on the thickness of hair within each region.

As a result, at Maxwell, all hair transplants are performed in line with the type, thickness, and density of hair within each area for natural results.

The hair harvested from the back of each patient’s scalp is classified according to its characteristics, density, and thickness.

If the transplanted residual hair resembles the original frontal hair, this will automatically generate a natural image since the hair density and types are all in harmony.

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