Hair Line Correction

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Maxwell Hair Clinic prides itself as a top-tier facility in the country, performing approximately 900 to 1000 surgeries each year, with a distinct focus on hairline correction and hair transplantation. Regarded highly both nationally and internationally.

Maxwell Hair Clinic stands as the preferred destination for medical practitioners, healthcare journalists, celebrities, and individuals seeking expert guidance on hairline correction and hair transplantation.

We hold a distinguished reputation among experts and are staffed by medical professionals who have been acclaimed as “Top Hair Transplant Specialists” and pioneers in the field by numerous media platforms.

The Most Natural Hairline Correction

The key to a natural hairline correction result lies in DENSITY and DESIGN. At Maxwell, our design process consists of two meticulous steps. We begin by using specialized laser equipment to carefully craft the initial design. Then, we fine-tune the design by hand to find the most suitable line for each patient. Subsequently, drawing from extensive experience and know-how, we execute a high-density transplantation that ultimately creates a hairline that looks completely natural.

Step 1: Using special laser devices, we design the initial hairlines in detail.

Step 2: Then our doctor finds the best line for each patient by manually designing for the second stage.

Step 3: The doctor then creates a natural hairline by performing a dense gradient transplant.

Everyone has a Different Ideal Hairline

Understanding the unique attributes of hairlines is essential in hair restoration.

Men and women both experience hair loss, but the patterns may differ significantly. In men, it often begins with a receding hairline, typical of male pattern baldness, which tends to create an “M” shape.

Women, however, usually retain their frontal hairline and experience thinning behind it, making the loss less noticeable but equally as distressing. Moreover, the shape of one’s forehead plays a pivotal role – with variances in size and contour leading to different hairline corrections to suit each individual’s facial structure.

What Creates the Best Hairline

Creating the best hairline requires an artful blend of science and aesthetic judgment, especially in differentiating between male and female patients.

For men, the ideal hairline typically maintains a certain degree of recession at the temples, which is characteristic and natural-looking.

On the other hand, women generally benefit from a softer, more rounded hairline that follows the natural contours of the forehead, which can help frame the face more gracefully. It is a delicate balance to give a natural, age-appropriate hairline that complements gender-specific facial features.

Hairline Design at Maxwell

At Maxwell Hair Clinic, we are dedicated to designing hairlines that not only look natural but also feature great layering, creating an appearance of volume and fullness.

Our specialized approach includes custom shaving methods tailored to our patient’s needs; for male patients, we often use partial shaving techniques, while for female patients, we strive for methods that can mitigate the need to shave. In each case, we consider the direction and angle of natural hair growth, carefully transplanting each follicle to achieve the best possible results.

With Maxwell’s advanced techniques, patients can enjoy a more convincingly dense hairline with fewer transplants. This strategic approach not only enhances the aesthetic outcome, but it also minimizes harm to the donor area, preserving its integrity for future needs. Our meticulous process ensures that our patients walk away with a newfound confidence in their appearance, backed by the rigorous standards and compassionate care that define our clinic.

Why Maxwell

2-Step Hairline Design

Our doctors will design the most ideal and natural hairline for each patient.

Two-stage designing process for the most ideal hairline. By using a special laser, we can find the most suitable hairline for each patient’s facial shape and size, designing symmetrical hairlines. On top of that, the second round of medical staff will manually complete the ideal design considering the characteristics and tastes of each patient.

High-Density Transplant

We’ve integrated various medical technologies, traditionally used in bone fractures and wound treatments, to enable denser, more finely packed hair transplants than ever before. You can expect a natural hairline even from just 10cm away.

Crafting a natural-looking hairline for different hair loss patterns is important, and density is key to achieving a genuinely authentic result. A high-density hair transplant isn’t just about closely packing grafts—it’s a complex process that involves understanding different directions of hair, carefully designing the hairline, and transplanting, to ensure the hair grows according to plan. From the moment of extraction to the post-transplant care, the entire procedure must be carried out with precision and stability. At Maxwell Hair Clinic, we meticulously manage every step to guarantee the hair not only grows but flourishes in a manner that appears natural and seamless to your unique hair patterns, without anyone noticing even from 10cm away.

A Fuller Result with Fewer Hairs

It’s not just about the number of grafts but about achieving a fuller look with the same quantity. By arranging transplanted hairs in a grid pattern or interspersing thin hairs amongst thicker ones, we provide a lush and voluminous outcome.

Determining the correct number of grafts for a successful hair transplant requires considering factors beyond just the treatment area. Younger individuals generally need denser grafts due to naturally thicker surrounding hair. Different ages and densities necessitate tailored approaches, with meticulous planning for potential future hair loss and secondary surgeries. Maxwell Hair Clinic’s 20-year tradition of tracking patient outcomes has refined our expertise in not only planning but also precision in graft harvesting and transplantation, ensuring long-lasting satisfaction. Harvested hairs can usually be much more than transplanted hairs, this graft loss can be as high as 30% without skilled execution. Our careful process, supported by an in-house medical team, minimizes graft loss, making the difference of up to a thousand hairs in larger procedures.

As Natural As Your Hair

We perform a gradient transplant at Maxwell to achieve a hairline as natural as your hairline

The natural hairline slowly thickens as it goes backward, so we go through the process called gradient transplantation. It is possible by selecting hair follicles of different sizes before transplanting them. This process requires experience and know-how because it is a sophisticated procedure.

Harvest Without Scars

Our doctors will harvest hairs from donor areas with discreet incisions, and invisible scars.

To harvest the donor follicles for transplantation, a discreet incision and closure are made at the back of the head. During this process, a fine, thin scar line can remain, which is less than ideal if it’s too noticeable. However, our doctors at Maxwell will perform the procedure using techniques refined through extensive experience and research, ensuring that scars are nearly imperceptible.

A Dense Front, A Lush Crown

The hairline and crown require different transplantation techniques. High density is crucial for the front, while for the crown, it’s important to cover the maximum area by focusing on the angle and direction of hair growth.

Maxwell Hair Clinic takes a meticulous approach to crown hair transplants, focusing not only on density but also on the aesthetic flow and caliber of hair for a rich, natural look. We prioritize the implantation of thicker grafts in the crown area and finer ones as we move away, ensuring seamless integration with existing hair. Utilizing advanced techniques and high-magnification tools, we safeguard the delicate native hair while enhancing overall fullness. Our process is designed to amplify the crown’s volume and preserve the natural pattern of hair growth, leading to a superior and enduring transformation.

Preventive Prediction

Hair loss can continue even after transplantation. At Maxwell, we predict the progression of hair loss and transplant follicles preemptively. This ensures that if more hair loss occurs, it remains unnoticeable.

Different strategies are needed for different hair loss stages, this is particularly important for younger patients who are in their 20s to 40s, considering their active hair loss progression. Without predictive measures, you could face the need for additional surgeries within 2-3 years. We ensure that our transplants not only address current thinning areas but also anticipate and cover future balding spots, making maintenance easier and reducing the need for further procedures. Our strategy offers significant benefits, including cost savings, and highlights the importance of choosing experienced professionals for a personalized transplant plan that factors in long-term outcomes.

Target 100% Survival Rate

Transplanted hairs must thrive fully. The best result is the only thing we care about. The delicate nature of hair transplantation surgery means that the success rate can vary by up to 30% depending on the surgeon’s experience and skill. We target 100% survival rate at Maxwell.

Maxwell emphasizes precision in hair follicle separation, matching the angle and flow of natural hair growth to save over 500 potential grafts that might otherwise be lost through damage. Due to the dense nature of the donor area, only experienced medical teams can skillfully navigate such intricacies. Efficiency is critical, as follicle viability decreases by 10% every four hours post-separation. Our skilled team completes separation and transplantation within 2-3 hours to maximize survival rates. Moreover, careful transplantation at the correct depth for each individual is crucial to prevent complications and ensure graft survival. We also understand that excessively high densities can be detrimental; therefore, we determine the optimal density unique to each patient for the best results. To further improve graft survival, we employ advanced techniques like magnetic fields to foster cell regeneration and phototherapy to expedite healing, thereby connecting grafts securely and quickly to the blood supply.

Change Your Life in 1 Day

We ensure minimal disruption to your daily life, you can go back to all regular activities on the same day!

The most important thing is the surgery process—we minimize pain and simplify recovery. Through this process, you can return to your daily life on the same day without any problems. You can shampoo the next day and resume daily activities in just two days.

Hair Line Correction at Maxwell

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Hairline Correction Design
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