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At Maxwell Hair Clinic, we offer a comprehensive range of services that cater to every aspect of hair restoration and treatment. We integrate the latest in medical technology and have a deep understanding of aesthetic hairline design. This ensures that your results are effective, beautiful and natural. Below are the specialized services provided at Maxwell.

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Maxwell Hair Clinic?

Maxwell Hair Clinic is the leader in hair restoration innovation and excellence, led by the internationally acclaimed founder, Dr. Noh Yoon-woo.

With over 17 years of specialized focus, the clinic has performed over 100,000 successful procedures, driven by a team of dedicated professionals. This experience underscores a deep commitment to personalized patient care, ensuring that each treatment is meticulously tailored to meet your needs and expectations.

Choosing Maxwell Means Opting for a Clinic That:

Employs a two-step hairline design process that considers your unique facial features, ensuring the final hairline is natural, flattering, and age-appropriate.

Strives for a 100% survival rate of transplanted hairs, applying meticulous insertion techniques and careful aftercare planning.

Values the importance of a natural-looking density, allowing for a fuller appearance with strategically placed grafts.

Maxwell Hair Clinic

What Makes a Successful Hair Transplant Surgery?

  • Design details: Customizing the hairline to match your facial proportions and aesthetic desires.
  • Surgeon’s Skill: Relying on the artistry and precision of experienced surgeons to ensure results that look seamlessly natural.
  • Seamless Aftercare: Comprehensive advice and guidance on caring for your newly transplanted hair for optimal results.

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Here are some of the amazing transformations our patients have undergone

Hair Transplant for Men


Hairline Transplant for Women

Hair Loss Treatment

Maxwell Chief Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Noh Yoon-woo

Doctor Noh’s dedication to excellence in surgical hair restoration techniques has consistently earned him top awards in the field. His distinguished reputation draws patients from around the world to Maxwell Medical Center.

Awards and Accolades

2014 The Medical Korea Award in Hair Transplant and Hair Loss Treatment

2012 The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery Certification

2011 ~ 2014 Chosun Media: Best Clinic Award

Thanks to Maxwell thousands of patients have regained their confidence.

Maxwell Clinic has helped countless men and women rediscover their confidence by providing exceptional services. Services focused on aesthetic results, maximum density, and natural looks.


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