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Hair loss treatment, particularly the comprehensive approach offered by facilities like Maxwell, is designed to cater to a diverse group of individuals situated at various stages of hair loss:

Hairline Transplant Surgery for Women

A receding hairline in women involves gradual thinning of hair along the forehead and temples, leading to a more pronounced forehead and increased visibility of the scalp. When it comes to correcting a woman’s hairline, the inclusion of baby hairs and a gradient transplant becomes much more essential compared to male hairline correction. Take a look at some of our real patient cases here!

Maxwell Hair Clinic

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To ease the journey, Maxwell provides comprehensive international patient services, including bilingual medical professionals and translators/consultants for effortless communication. From your initial online consultation to scheduling appointments and aftercare, our dedicated team is here to assist every step of the way. Consult with our doctors from anywhere in the world using just your photos!

Interested in having hair transplant in South Korea? We have got you covered! Each initial consultation is free; you only have to use our convenient online form to get started.

We look forward to seeing you in Seoul.

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