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10 Months after Hair Transplantation

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Steps on how to take care of your hair for the next 10 months after receiving hair transplantation.

1. Preparation and designing process

All patients must be informed of guidelines before receiving hair transplantation.

There may be additional safety precautions for each patient depending on his or her health condition.

1. It is recommended to refrain from taking certain types of medications at least a week before receiving the procedure. If you are on any medication, you should consult with your doctor first.

2. If you have any allergies, please let the hopital know in advance.

3. Contact lenses or valuable ornaments are not allowed during the surgery or on the day of surgery

4. You should not drink alcohol or smoke before surgery.

5. It is allowed to wear a hat after the surgery. Feel free to bring a hat or a beanie.

The first step in preparing for a hair transplant is the designing process. This process is crucial in planning out the overall surgical process for hair transplantation.

There are two main regions to perform hair transplants for every patient: the area experiencing hair loss & the area that is recently expected of hair loss.

If the patient is going through severe hair loss, we will make sure to perform hair transplants around the area with hair loss to prevent further hair loss in the future.

This way, it will be less noticeable and easier to manage even if the patient experiences further hair loss.

2. Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant surgery usually takes about 3 to 7 hours. However, it might take shorter or longer depending on the surgical method or the number of hair being transplanted.

The patient may take a break once or twice in the middle of the surgery.

Hair Transplantation and Patient Lounge

All procedures are performed under local anesthesia. Most patients usually fall asleep or listen to the radio during the procedure.

The surgery will start after local anesthesia, but there is no pain at all. At Maxwell, all guardians are allowed to attend the surgery to watch the entire process of the surgery.

To promote the healing process of hair follicles after hair transplantation, we provide our patients with special treatment. This special treatment promotes recovery and increases the healing rate of attachment.

All patients are free to go home after receiving our special treatment.

Since our patients may feel fatigued after a long period of surgery, we advise them to bring guardians to drive on behalf of them or return home by taxi or public transportation.

3. The day after receiving hair transplantation

All patients are recommended to visit MaxWell again the day after receiving hair transplants.

The day after receiving hair transplantation

We provide treatment for the newly transplanted hair follicles. In addition, we will wash the hair of our patients.

Patients will be given guidelines on how to wash their hair as gently and safely as possible since the newly transplanted hair follicles may still be susceptible to damage.

We advise avoiding as much contact to the transplanted area as possible to avoid any damage.

4. 10 days after receiving hair transplantation

10 days after receiving hair transplantation

Most transplanted hair follicles will be intact and healed properly 10 days after receiving hair transplants.

In most cases, patients are allowed to take medications and continue with their daily routines

The newly transplanted hair follicles may be itchy; however, patients must avoid scratching or pulling on them at all costs. For more hair transplant before and after pictures, please click the picture above.

5. 3 months after to 7 months after hair transplantation

This is the time when transplanted hair follicles finally begin to function properly, promoting hair growth.

Elimination process and growth of transplanted hair

Once the transplanted hair follicles start functioning correctly, they promote further hair growth to push out the hair attached to the outer layer.

As a result, patients may experience temporary hair loss at first; however, this is part of the normal growth process.

During this process, 50 to 80% of the implanted hair follicles may experience temporary hair loss. At the end of this process, patients will experience rapid hair growth up to 12 months after the hair transplantation.

7 months after receiving hair transplantation

Patients will experience rapid hair growth after 3 months, and usually, month by month, eventually after around 7 to 8 months, they will be able to see the final results.

6. 10 months after receiving hair transplantation

10 months after receiving hair transplantation

Successful hair growth has been achieved in most of the implanted hair follicles of this patient.

Overall, implanted hair looks dense in this patient.

The implanted hair is permanent and will grow like original hair for the rest of your life.

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